With twenty years in the pool industry, there’s nothing we haven’t seen!

Wherever you are, whatever you need. We’re there.  Why not let My Pool Guy be your pool guy?

  • Free Water Analysis

    Proper water chemistry is required to keep a pool safe and clean for swimmers.  Maintaining a pools chemical balance can save pool owners time and money. By getting your pool water analysed at our shop you will be safe in the knowledge that your pool is the best it can be.

  • Chemical sales

    We provide a full range of pool and spa chemicals from the basics like salt, chlorine and buffer to highly specialised algaecides and stain and scale removers.

  • Pool Covers

    We supply and install the Sancell range of pool covers and accessories. From solar bubble covers to thermal blankets and stainless steel rollers the Sancell range is of exceptionally high quality. Covers come in a range of funky colours and micron thickness, to suit your needs.  Ask us for a free measure and quote for the best price. We’ve got you covered.

  • Gas Heating

    With our years of industry experience, we’ve finetuned our range to provide the best the industry has to offer.  Our heaters provide exceptional quality, flexibility and economy.

  • Solar Heating

    Make the most of your swimming season by installing our Australian made solar pool heating system.  Prompt and experienced solar installers are operating in your area now. Ask us for a free measure and quote for the best price.

  • Pumps

    Our extensive range of standard and variable speed pool pumps means you get the best choice there is in the operational running of your pool.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in store, please don’t hesitate to ask us.  We have connections!

  • Filters

    Come in to our show room to view our array of top and side mount sand filters and low micron cartridge filters. We also specialise in silica glass filter media.

  • Salt Chlorinators

    A salt chlorinator is a great way to sanitise your pool. It utilises a chlorine generator through salt electrolysis instead of the direct addition of chlorine.  We offer a range of chlorinators to suit any size pool or spa, and all chlorinators purchased come with free installation.

  • Chlorine/PH Systems

    The alternative to salt chlorination.  Chlorine PH systems manage the output of chemicals in your pool so you don’t have to worry about it. Again, all systems come with free installation.  This is an exceptional product for indoor pools or those with pool covers. Again, all systems come with free installation

  • Pool Toys

    From pool noodles to inflatable whales, there’s fun to be had.

  • Pool & Spa Poppits

    Progressive pool and spa owners are ensuring that they use non-chlorine and non-bromine chemical solutions in the spas, spa baths and swimming pools. Pool & Spa Poppits Pty Ltd has developed a range of products specifically formulated to be the “Healthy alternative.”

  • Pool Cleaners

    Suction, Robotic or Hybrid.  Whatever your budget, we only stock the best

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