There are some advantages and disadvantage of a fiberglass pool that you might want to consider before having a pool.

What is a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass is a smooth, nonporous surface so algae won’t stick to the walls. Gunite walls, made of porous materials, can be a breeding ground for algae. If you’re looking for a quick install, fiberglass pools can be up and running in as little as 2-3 day

If you are thinking about getting a pool and you don’t know what kind of pool is best? Here are some guidelines from My Pool Guy for your pool guide.

Are there really advantage or disadvantage of a fiberglass pool?

What are the advantages of a Fiberglass Pool?

They are quick to install.

One great thing about fibreglass pools is that most of the work is being done in the factory. And weather does not affect the construction process as much as vinyl or gunite. A standard installation can sometimes be in a week or two. Whereas concrete pools will take several weeks, if not months to complete. and weather does not affect the construction process as much as vinyl or gunite.

Fibreglass pools have an appealing surface.

Some fibreglass pool manufacturers have invested a great deal of time and resources. So that they can create a stunning pool surfaces that enhance the over-all look of the pool.

Fiberglass swimming pools have the lowest cost of ownership over time. They are easy to look after.

The smooth gelcoat surface on a fibreglass pool makes it much easier to control. Control against algae and bacteria growth. Because of this, they are easier and generally less expensive to keep clean. This can be a big plus in your “best pool for me” checklist.

They need very little ongoing care.

Unlike some pool surface finishes, high-quality fibreglass pools should not need resurfacing. In most cases, all it need is basic care. And it must be under the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep in good condition.

Fibreglass pools seem warmer.

Pool owners who have owned both types of pools report that fibreglass pools are warmer.

Fibreglass is an incredibly durable building material.

These days most fibreglass pool manufacturers make a reliable product. And offer lengthy warranties to back them up.

Fiberglass pools have the best feel on your feet when you are in the water.

The shells feel very solid and the surface is not abrasive like gunite/concrete. Non slip steps and floors are a nice addition in the fiberglass swimming pool. The manufacture can easily add non slip texturing to the swimming pool steps and floor. This makes the entry steps very safe. And gives the user confidence while entering or exiting the pool.


Disadvantages of a Fiberglass Pool

Shape/size limitations.

Because their made on a factory mould you can only choose from the pre-determined shapes. The sizes and shapes are further limited. Limited Bottom configurations and limited diving pool options. This are the factor in fiberglass pools. The flat bottom design is not easily changed.

The cost to construct a fiberglass swimming pool is higher than a vinyl liner structure.

Consumers have no way of knowing how well the swimming pool was built. The integrity of the shell over time is very dependent on the grade of resin. And the method of construction the builder embraces. Fiberglass pools all look alike when they are new, yet, they are not all created equally. The use of inferior materials may not show up for 5-10 years in a fiberglass pool.