Difference Between Liquid Chlorine and Chlorine Granules

Every pool owners know the significance of keeping the pool clean and to keep it sanitized all the time. And for many pool owners, they use chlorine to sanitize their pools. It is effective and affordable. And what are the difference between liquid chlorine and chlorine granules? Why not just use them both for your pool?

So in this article, we go over their deferences.

Liquid Chlorine and Chlorine Granules:

Chlorine is the major chemical those pool owners use. They use it as a sanitizer for their swimming pools. It is also commonly used to kill algae and bacteria for swimming pools. So pools can be clean and safe for everyone.

  • Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine is the most popular option for chlorine use at it is can be simply poured directly into the pool. It also does not need to dissolve in water since it is already in liquid form.

  • Chlorine Granules

You can store chlorine granules for a long period of time. You can also pour it directly into the pool water. But most chlorine granules are being mixed with water to prevent staining.

Chlorine granules, also called powder chlorine are the most common form of chlorine.

Types of chlorine granules

The main difference between liquid and granules chlorine is that:

– certain types of chlorine need dilution before entering the pool

  • Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium is one of the most popular chlorine treatment as it is one of the most effective.

  • Lithium Hypochlorite

Lithium has only about 35% chlorine per pound and pH is 11 which means that you need to add more acid to balance the water.

  • Dichlor

Dichlor has a low pH so you won’t have to use as much acid to balance the pool water. It also dissolves rapidly and begins to work on contaminants immediately. This product is commonly used for a shock treatment for pools. But this is also a bit more expensive than other options.


Clears cloudy pool water fast and helps control algae. It also kills nearly all living microorganisms, bacteria and contaminants.

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