Do we need a pool slide?

Pool slides bring energy and excitement to your pool. It can also add a huge amount of fun. The kids will love it and those who are young at heart will too. Having a pool slide at home can have many advantages.  It gives a very festive and recreational atmosphere to your pool and it can help reduce everyday stress. It’s also a brilliant excuse to share pleasant times with friends and family. People want to have fun, and water slides are the most quintessential accessory for poolside fun. If you have a spacious pool and it is a little deep, installing a slide can be a fantastic idea.  There are many different shapes and sizes available to choose from. Let’s look at your options.

Different Kinds of Pool Slides

Straight Leg Slide

This slide is straight near the top with a wide curve at the end when you land in the pool. The straight leg slide has an open or closed stairway that makes the pool more spacious. And if you have children around its better to have a closed stairway to be safe.


Molded Slide Leg

These usually have a steeper and curvier design. The legs usually curve to the right or left at the end which makes it a little more fun.


Elephant Leg Slide

There are two main types of elephant leg slides one is the G-Force pattern and the stream design. The G-Force pattern is like a DNA strand and usually measures around 9 feet long. While, the stream model is curvy, and the top end is steeper than the bottom.

Things to consider:


Top of mind for most pool owners is often safety! Luckily, today’s pool slides now has safety features. It also needs some space to set up. It needs to be where water is not too shallow and not too deep.

Material Use

Most pool slides are made of fiberglass gel coat or polyethylene plastic. These materials are very useful as they provide the best friction-free experience. It also durable and also offer a strong surface capable of supporting heavy sliders.

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