Do We Really Need to Drain a Swimming Pool?

There are a lot of questions when we hear about draining a swimming pool. Some of these are, is it fine to drain a pool? What is the right way of draining a swimming pool? Or it can be, can we drain a pool, is it possible to do so?

The target is for you to clean the pool and you can achieve it with proper cleaning so you won’t end up draining your pool. Yet, sometimes the only option would be draining it. And for any type of pool, it’s better to call a professional to help you draining and refilling your pool again.

There are also a lot of things to consider before we decide to drain a swimming pool:


  • What type of pool we have (concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass)?
  • Is it really recommended to drain a pool?
  • Is the pool too far for a normal green pool to clean up?


Types of pools


Concrete / Gunite

This is the type of pool that is very tricky when it comes to draining a pool. Why? Inground pools made of concrete or gunite are vulnerable to popping out off the ground. Especially if the drainage is not done well.

Do not drain a pool if:
  • There has been excessive rain recently.
  • If the pool is placed in a wet area

Better to call a professional if you really wanted to drain your pool.

If you want to do it by yourself, make sure you have a hydrostatic valve. This hydrostatic valve is on the main floor drain of your pool. But, again it’s better to call a professional like My Pool Guy to help you drain your pool.

Vinyl Pool

This type of pool is sensitive to ripping but the method of removing the water is as tricky as the concrete pool. If a vinyl pool has been emptied for a long time it can cause drying or crack from the sun. It can also cause the pool to collapse or it can breakdown.

Fiberglass Pool

Built to endure the weight of dirt against it when it’s drained this a fiberglass pool created for. And like the concrete inground pool, these also need a pool professional if you decide to drain it. Because you don’t want the shell of the pool to act as a ship and float up in the groundwater.

And again, its better to be safe than sorry so be sure to call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!