Fun Pool Games for Kids

If your kids love to play in the pool especially during summer you want them to have fun and enjoy it, right? You want them to keep to stay happy all the time especially over the pool. So, here are some fun swimming pool games for kids, that you and your family can enjoy.

1. Beach Ball race

How to play
3 – 5 players

Each player has one large beach ball, see who can push theirs to the other side of the pool. And yes, throwing the ball is cheating! Just have fun and enjoy it!

2. Ping pong balls or any kind of small balls ( used variety of colors )

How to play
5 – 10 players

Players will stand first on the edge of the pool. throw the ping-pong balls in all areas of the pool and let everyone swim on the count of three. The one who gets the most balls wins. Another tip is you can put points in every color of the balls. And each player can add up what they got and the most numbers win.

3. Pool Volleyball

How to play
4 – 6 players

You need a volleyball or basketball or a beach ball will do as well. Divide players into two teams with equal team players. Pass the ball back and forth like the usual volleyball game.

4. Treasure hunt

How to play
4 – 6 players (or as many as you want)

All players will stand first on the edge of the pool standing backward (so they won’t see where the treasures are). And as the name implies players will dive to search for coins or any treasure that you toss to the pool. The players who got the most numbers of coins will win. The prize could be those coins itself that you toss on the pool or to make it more exciting you can add more prizes.

5. Air Ball

How to play
3 – 6

As the name indicates the main goal is to keep the ball in the air. Do not let it touch the water.

6. Tug of War

How to play
10 – 20 players

Split the number of players or participants into two equal groups. Each team pulls the rope until they get to the center mark in their area.

7. Chicken Fight

How to play
3 – 6 (or more) (2 pairs each team )

One player stands tall in the water while the other sits on their shoulder. The goal of the game is knocking the opponents off the team member on their shoulders.

8. Water Balloon Catch

How to play
4 – 8 players ( 2 pair each team )

The aim of the game is to not let break the balloons. Each team has a certain meter apart and they have to throw the water balloon back and forth without breaking it. And each time they will move backward and throw again the ball making sure not to break it. And the most distance apart that did not break any balloons wins the game.

9. Boat or Duck Race

How to play
5 – 10 players

Players line up their boat or duck at the edge of the pool. Each player needs to push the duck on the other end of the pool using their nose or by blowing it. The person whose boat or duck go the fastest and got on the other end of the pool wins.

10. Marco Polo

How to play
5 or more players

One player will be blindfolded. The rest of the players can then scatter all over the pool, they can count one to ten and once done the one who is blindfolded will start searching for them. He/she will then shout Marco and the rest of the players must respond to Polo. The goal of the game is to find each player by listening to the sound as a guide where the other players are.

We hope you will enjoy these games with your family and friends.
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