Green and Cloudy Pool Even After Pool Shocking

Have you ever experienced a green and cloudy pool even after pool shocking? And then you asked your self what did I do wrong?

Here are some reasons why even after shocking you may still have a green and cloudy pool:

  • Water balance

Your pH level might be too high. Make sure everything is in good balance. Having low or high on pH, chlorine or alkalinity is not good to make sure everything is all balance. If your pool water is not balanced it can make your pool water still green and cloudy even after shocking.

  • Algae

One reason could also be a serious algae problem.

  • Filter

If water balance is perfectly fine there might be a problem in your pool filter. It may also depend on what type of filter you have.

Types of filter
  • Sand filter

It may take a week or more for the pool to clean thoroughly and make it look clear and clean.

  • Cartridge filter

A cartridge can only handle so much, make sure to clean your cartridge every day to work properly.

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter

If having a DE filter still gives you a cloudy or green pool then there are some issues about your DE filter. Things like:

  • the pump is not running enough time
  • it needed backwashing
  • DE is not working properly

How to properly clean a cloudy and green pool:

  • Water chemistry balance

Check whether your pool water chemistry. Making sure everything is fixable. Because sometimes it is too late to fix the problem in your pool water. So, make sure that your pool is well maintained. Testing your pool water chemistry on a regular basis to prevent big problems.

  • Maintaining your pool water balance:

Checking pool water balance on a regular basis to keep it clean and safe to swim.
Check all equipment (clean or change if needed)

  • Shock the pool

Shocking your pool on a regular basis or if needed can help you keep your pool clean. When shocking a pool take into consideration the water volume to know how much shocking treatment to use. Making sure you use enough chlorine shock treatment.

  • Pool pump and pool filter

Check if your pool pump and filter are working properly. If everything is totally fine you might see results in 24 hours. But of course, it will need more time to make sure everything is fine. Especially if it is already super cloudy and green.

  • Brush

Not only that pool pump and filter are enough, but it also needs some help in brushing the pool. Brushing the pool can help in making the pool to be clean in no time.



If you think that you have done everything but seems nothing is changing, better yet call a professional.

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