How a Pool Pump and Pool Filter Work Together

Pool pumps and pool filter systems are both important to the health of pool water. When combined, they make the pool water clean. In this article, we go through how a pool pump and pool filter work together.

Pool Pump and Pool Filter

For a swimming pool to be free from any harmful contaminants, the pool pump and filter must work together. The pool must have a working filter but without a pump, your filtering system will not work properly. And if they don’t work properly your pool will be dirty and algae might be present too.

How does a pool pump work?

The pool pump system is the heart of the pool. The electric motor on the pump spins the impeller inside the housing and drives the water from the various drains. The water passes through the pump and out of the discharge of the pump into the filter.

How does a pool filter work?

A pool filter system is also important to the overall health of the water in your pool. Used in conjunction with certain pool chemicals the pool filter system will keep your pool fresh and clean.

During the filtering operation, the dirty water from the pool comes through the filter’s inlet and inside the tank. As gravity pulls the water the filter will then catches the dirt and debris.

How a pump and filter work together?

A pool pump and pool filter work together in a closed-loop system. The process begins when the water passes through an initial filter called skimmer. The water is then delivered to the pump. Once it reaches the pump, the water goes through the pump basket which then removes debris from the water. The water is then sent to the filter systems which then removed remaining debris and most contaminants in the pool water.

The pool filter and pump work together to keep the pool clean and safe. The filter does the heavy cleaning while the pump moves water through. The pool pump pulls water into the filter. The pool pump motor is very important because it gets everything moving. Without the motor, water wouldn’t leave the pool and enter the pump.

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