How Does UV Pool Sanitation Works

UV sanitation systems eliminate chlorine-resistant microorganisms, which are common causes of pool closures. These systems reproduce UV radiation inside light chambers via powerful lamps. Which emits germicidal UV-C light that is being used to disinfect pool water. And is this article, we study how does UV pool sanitation works. And why you should use UV sanitation.

How does UV pool works?

UV does the heavy lifting by eliminating 99.5% of pool pathogens. The result? You’ll need about 90% fewer chemicals. It’s no surprise that dramatically lowering your pool chemicals will save you a big chunk of change. But the savings don’t end there. Pool sanitation also extends the life of almost all your other pool equipment.

Designed to safely cut dangerous chlorine by-products, helping us to protect what’s important. UV technology lowers the need for chlorine. And eliminates chlorine by-products for a cleaner, safer, and easier to manage swimming pool.

Why you should use UV sanitation in your swimming pools

UV sanitation systems reduce your overall chlorine levels to that equal to municipal drinking water. Eliminating the stink of chlorine, and minimizing your pool maintenance costs. These eco-friendly sanitation systems are easier on your pool’s plumbing. Also to your equipment, walls, and floor. Your pool liner will last longer. And look better than it would with the use of conventional chlorine sanitation. Enjoy the luxury of a pool that feels like a bath, without worrying about itchy, dry skin. And also damaged hair after a good swim. It can also simplify pool maintenance.

It will be healthier for you, your pool equipment, and the environment.

How effective is UV sanitation?

UV light effectively and safely destroys 99.99% of:
  • Algae
  • Bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Mold
  • Cysts

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