How Mud Rains Can Affect Swimming Pools

Rainwater has acidic properties that can negatively affect your pool water chemistry balance. And in this article, we go through how mud rains can affect swimming pools.

Mud rains can affect anything from the pH balance to alkalinity levels and more.

But what are really the causes of mud rains?

Melbourne encountered some downpour that stained swimming pools, cars, and rivers.

Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Richard Carlyon said there had been many reports of brown rain across the city, which was the result of dust storms, not bushfire smoke.

What is a mudflow?

A mudflow is a form of mass wasting involving very rapid to extremely rapid surging flow. Unusual rains or a sudden thaw can cause mudflow too.

Rain dust or snow dust, traditionally known as muddy rain or colored rain. It is a variety of rain that contains enough desert dust to be visible without using a microscope.

How mud rains can affect swimming pools:

After a heavy rain, you also have a lot of extra water in the pool that can dilute the chemistry. Rain can sometimes affect your pool’s water chemistry. Because rainwater can be acidic, it can affect your pool’s pH balance.

What to do after heavy rain or mud rains:

  • Clean the pool

Every so often after rains, you will find a lot of dirt, leaves and other debris in your pool. This can increase the level of having algae or bacteria in the pool water. Because it can ruin the pool chemical balance in the pool water.

First, skim your pool, then vacuum. You can use an automatic pool cleaner or manually vacuum the pool yourself. Once the pool water is clean, you can test the water chemistry.

  • Check pool water chemistry

Check the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer level of your pool water.
Acid rain can cause your pH to drop. You also want to check your chlorine or sanitizer levels. Rain can often introduce contaminants to your water, and your sanitizer will start fighting them off.

Making sure everything is at a good level to prevent algae and any bacteria in your pool water.

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