How Often Should We Shock a Swimming Pool

So, the question is how often should we shock a swimming pool? And the answer would probably be “whenever it needs it”. in this article we check on how often, when to, how-to, and why shock a pool?

How often we need to shock a pool?

You don’t want your pool to have a bad smell before deciding to shock it, right? So My Pool Guy recommends shocking your pool once a week or at least once every other week. This is to properly maintain your pool water chemistry. And the more you use your pool, the more it needs to get shocking.

When to shock your pool?

  • Shock your pool when you open it for the season.

    This is to kill algae that have developed during the closing season.

  • After a Party

    People carry bacteria and chlorine levels might drop extremely. This happens when there are many people using the pool at the same time.

  • After a heavy rain or a storm

    Heavy rains or storms can flush contaminants into the pool. And it can also increase ph levels of your pool. So better to do a pool shocking after heavy rain or storm.

  • Irritated eyes

    Whenever your eyes are already irritated with the pool water it means there is a build-up of chloramines. And it is a good indicator that it’s time for you to shock your pool.

  • Smell of chlorine

    Bad smell of chlorine is also a good sign that your pool needs a little bit of shocking.

  • Pool closing

    Before closing your pool it’s better to shock or treat it first it can make your life easier when its time to open it. Because a clean pool at the end of the season makes pool opening a little bit easier too.


Better to keep your pool open first after shocking it and wait for at least 12-24 hours before closing your pool.

How to shock a pool?

Important reminders:

Calculate your pool’s volume before shocking it. Use a pool calculator to know how much water your pool holds.
Better to wait until the sun goes down before you do your pool shocking.

  • Wear protective gear
  • Do a quick round of pool water testing.
  • Pour your shock treatment all-around your pool for a balanced contribution. (if you need to dissolve shock treatment follow instruction for the shock treatment)
  • Wait until 12-24 hours before you can use your pool again for safety purposes.
  • Why shock a pool?

Why do we need to shock a pool?

There are different reasons why we need to shock a pool, here are some reasons:

  • To removed chloramines from the pool water
  • To removed bacteria
  • To eliminate algae in the pool water


A friendly reminder from My Pool Guy:

Be sure to shock your pool with the help from the given situations to keep your pool clean and safe to swim with.

And for all your pool needs call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!