How to Achieve Chlorination Without Stabilization

So, how to achieve chlorination without stabilization? For every chlorine tablet that is being dissolved in the pool, a small amount of cyanuric acid also dissolves in the pool water.

And when the cyanuric acid level creeps up too high, it can be hard to maintain a good chlorine level. The killing power of chlorine is being concealed. One thing that you can do is drain a bit of the pool water and refill with a new one.

Why is over stabilization not good for your pool?

Over stabilization occurs when too much cyanuric acid is being added to the pool water. It becomes a problem because cyanuric acid can lower down the ability of chlorine to kill algae and bacteria in your pool water.

Here are some choices to achieve chlorination without stabilization in your pool water. Instead of replacing the pool water.

  • Liquid Chlorine

Regular bleach, or sodium hypochlorite – contains no cyanuric acid.

  • Salt Chlorinator

Salt Chlorinators generator will create most of the chlorine needed for your pool. It is a process that uses dissolved salt as a store for the chlorination system primarily for swimming pools. It uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolved salt to produce chlorine gas. And its dissolved forms which is the sanitizing agent already commonly used in pools.

  • Go Low Chlorine

There is a fourth method or alternative practice, which may work for some. And that is to reduce the amount of stabilized chlorine tablets used, by reducing the chlorine demand.

  • Slow-Dissolving Cal Hypo Chlorine

There are now slow-dissolve cal hypo tablets on the market. They are available for commercial and residential use

Should you use stabilized or unstabilized chlorine?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on you and your pool.

If you have an indoor pool or find yourself needing to shock your pool pretty often, go with unstabilized chlorine.

But if you have an outdoor pool, and you want to make water maintenance easier on yourself while spending less money, stabilized chlorine tablets are the way to go.

If you are maintaining your chlorine residual, not only are you adding chlorine to the pool, but you are also adding CYA. CYA hinders chlorine efficacy. And should be at the lowest concentration needed to maintain a chlorine residual. Slow dissolve cal hypo tablets are now available that offer the convenience of trichlor, without the CYA. These tablets and the proprietary, slow-dissolving technology in them are long-lasting. And leave no trace of CYA.


If you use unstabilized chlorine, you can always add cyanuric acid to your pool water. Just be sure to keep the level at or below 100 ppm.

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