How to Blow Out Your Swimming Pool Lines

During winter closings, swimming pool lines require winterization. Because water left inside the lines will freeze in cold weather and damage the plumbing. Blowing the water out of the lines with a shop vac protects the lines from freezing. And other damages that winterization can do. And in this article, we go through how to blow out your pool lines.

Swimming pool lines transfer pool water from the central body of the pool to the pool’s filter and pump system. Swimming pool lines are often quite long and buried underground to hide them from view.

Blowing out the lines is not so complicated, anyone can do it, with the right equipment. And you can also call My Pool Guy for your pool guy! We guarantee you a pool clean and clear that you can enjoy with the whole family and friends.

Preparation in blowing out pool lines:

  1. Lower the water level 4-12″ below the skimmer, depending on the cover type.
  2. Drain, hand pump or scoop water out of skimmers until almost empty.
  3. Set multiport valve to Recirculate, Filter position for slide valves

How to blow out your swimming pool lines in 3 easy steps:

  • Blow out the suction side

The suction side is all the incoming lines. Most of the pools have 1 or 2 skimmers and a main drain line on the suction side of the pump. If you have a second skimmer, you can blow air from one skimmer, to the other skimmer. You will need to close a valve off at the pump, or pull off the pump lid and plug the port coming into the pump. This is to send the air through the other skimmer line, without having to move the blower.

  • Blow out the equipment

Now we will blow air through the pump and through the filter valve. Remove the drain plugs on the pump and allow the air to push any remaining water out. Replace the drain plugs loosely. If you have a heater, do the same with the drain plugs on both sides of the heater.

  • Blow out the pressure side

Now that you have blown the air coming from the skimmer through the pump, filter, and heater. It’s time to send it back to the pool using your return lines.

Your return lines nearest the pump blow first. Wait about three minutes and plug the one bubbling the most. Then plug the others.

You should blow out your automatic cleaner line or spa return line separately.

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