How to Clean your Swimming Pool Stairs

We usually use our pool stairs in entering the pool and we don’t want slippery and dirty pool stairs. In this article, we check on how to clean your swimming pool stairs the right way.

If there are yellow spots all over your pool stairs, there might be something wrong with the pool balance. To keep the pool water clean and safe to swim always make sure to have the proper pool water balance. So that you can have a quick treatment as possible.

How to clean your pool stairs

  • Pool water chemistry

Like any other problem in your pool, the first step is to balance your pool water.

  • Brush

Brushing your pool stairs to loosen up any kind of build-up.

  • Pool pump and filter

Keep the pool pump and filter running while cleaning your pool stairs to make sure dirt will be wash out.

Kinds of dirt that might be present in your pool stairs:

  • Yellow algae

If your swimming pool stairs are turning yellow in color, you might have yellow algae. Yellow algae or is also known as mustard algae typically grows in the stairs and bottom of the pool. When the slippery substance forms on stairs, it can make entering in and out of the pool difficult. And not only difficult but dangerous too.

If scrubbing this kind of stairs can remove dirt but will be back after a few days, yellow algae are the reason. And if you are having a hard time removing them might as well get an algaecide.

  • Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Doing a little preventive measure is easier than defeating algae problems in your pool.

  • Filter

Letting your filter run while cleaning your pool stairs can also be a big help to make the process faster. Clean the pool filter on a regular basis to prevent problems in your pool water.

  • Pool water chemistry

Check the pool water balance as well just to make sure everything is fine. Check pool water chemistry when adding more water to your pool.

  • Eliminate leaves and any debris

Eliminate any kind of debris or leaves that fall in the pool water, because leaves bring algae that can ruin your pool water balance.

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