How to Cure Chlorine Demand in Swimming Pools

How can you tell that you have a chlorine demand? The simple way to know if you have a chlorine demand is to add more chlorine to your pool. It is also better to use the powder or liquid king of chlorine in checking if you have chlorine demand. And in this article, we check on how to cure chlorine demand in swimming pools.

In checking if you have chlorine demand you need to add more chlorine in your pool water. And then you need to wait for the chlorine to circulate properly in the pool water. After allowing some time you can then check the pool water chemistry using a test kit. And if you test the water for chlorine levels and you can’t read it it is now time to shock the pool. After shocking the pool test it again and if nothing happens it means that you are dealing with chlorine demand.

What are the causes of chlorine demand?

If you are having a problem with chlorine demand the initial reaction is to deal with it right away, right?

Here are some causes of chlorine demand in swimming pools:

Chlorine demand normally comes around during the spring. It is normally before the opening season for pools. The main reason why this happens is that when the pool is being closed it can’t get the chance to move around. So the water becomes stagnant. And when the pool water is stagnant, the chemical balance begins to decrease. And because of this, it makes it prone to contaminants.

  • Heavy Rains

Another reason is after heavy rainfall. Heavy rainfall can affect chemical levels this is why you need to check the pool water after heavy rain. To make sure everything is perfectly fine.

How to Cure Chlorine Demand

Your pool demands chlorine, so feed it what it wants. I recommend using calcium hypochlorite pool shock and adding 3 pounds per 10,000 gallons of pool water.

Before adding pool shock, make sure your cyanuric acid (chlorine stabilizer) levels are correct (30 to 80 ppm). And remember to shock at night because the sun eats up chlorine.

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