How to Get Rid and Prevent Foam in your Pool

A foamy pool might look good in a bathtub but definitely not in your pool. Foamy pool means that your pool water is too “thick’. And in this article, we talk about how to get rid and prevent foam in your pool and what are the causes too.

What are the causes or reasons on why we are having a foamy pool?

Normally, if the pool has too much organic matter it can cause a pool foam.

Here are some examples of possible causes of pool foam:


  • a lot of organic debris such as:
    • hair
    • sweat
    • oils
    • leaves
    • algae
  • beauty products (makeup, lotions, etc.)
  • hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, gel, spray, etc.)
  • the filtration system is not working properly

How to prevent pool foam?

  • Shower before swimming

We normally see this sign on public pools. The first thing to do is to ask your swimmers to take a shower first before entering the pool. In this way, it can remove any beauty or hair care products that can cause foamy pool.

  • Check your algaecide

Be mindful of the type of algaecide you’re using. If foaming is always a problem, it is possible that it’s time to change or find aa better product. Maybe it’s time to change to the old one you’re using.

  • Clean your pool

Always keep your pool clean! Making sure that proper cleaning is being done to keep it clean all year round. Having your pool water check on a regular basis can help prevent pool foam.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. But if in case of pool foam happens to your pool call My Pool Guy for your pool guy.

How to get rid of pool foam?

Pool foam is not hard to combat, but it can take too much time to clean. It also depends on what is the cause of pool foam.

Here are some steps in getting rid of pool foam in your pool water:

  • Test your pool water chemistry

The first thing we need to do is to test your pool water. If you are having pool foam, more likely that the chlorine levels are off. You also need to check pH and alkalinity as well.

  • Shock your pool

Shocking your pool is another thing that you can do to get rid of pool foam. After shocking the pool, leave it first to settle. Keep the pool pump running as well.

  • Add anti-foam chemicals

Find an anti-foam chemical that does not affect other chemicals in the pool water. And that is a big consideration before adding any chemical to your pool.

  • Check filtration system

If you are uncertain of the cause of a foamy pool, you might want to check your filtration system. By checking your filtration system you are making sure it is working fine.


Pool foam might look good on your bathtub but again not definitely in your pool. So, always make sure to keep your pool clean all year round.

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