How to Get Rid of Rust Stains in Swimming Pools

Pool stains can damage your swimming pool, if not treated the right way. Having some simple steps on how to get rid of rust stains in swimming pools can save you time and money.

Diving into a clean pool gives us that fun feeling and enjoyable time with our family and friends. And having a nasty unclean pool is not attractive at all. So, we must all know how to get rid of any kind of stains in our pools.

How to remove rust stains in pools?

The most excellent way to get rid of rust stains is by using a rust stain treatment kit. But if you don’t have this one you can also use ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C.

Here are some steps in removing rust stains in pools:

  • Check

Check the entire pool area of any pool stains, so we can treat them properly.

  • Brush

Manually brush the pool. for small rust stains, you can use a stiff-bristled scrubbing brush to rub the surface. Make sure to carefully brush some areas as they are very delicate.

  • Treat stain directly

Chemically treat the stain. If brushing is not enough to remove the stain you can use a chemical-based treatment. This is to make sure the stain will be gone.

  • Clean the pool

Cleaning the entire pool is a must, to prevent pool stains such as rust or any kind of stain from coming back.

Different kinds of methods you can use in removing rust stains in pools:

  • Sock method

Using an old (but clean) sock in cleaning the pool. Fill up an old tube sock with a granular acid-like sodium bisulfate (dry acid).

Use a pool pole to put the sock over the stain, holding it in place, if the stain is on a vertical wall.

Be ready to get wet especially if the stain is in the middle part of the pool.

Vitamin C tablets are made of ascorbic acid which is a mild acid that works well for cleaning.

How to use Vitamin C tablet in removing a stain in pools:
Vitamin C tablets ( for small stains )

Step 1: Locate your stain and have your vitamin c tablet and soft-bristled brush ready.

Step 2: Take the vitamin c tablet and rub it onto the stain. Keep rubbing until it becomes a powder.

Step 3: Brush and start rubbing firmly over the stain. Making sure that the vitamin c powder is still over the stain while rubbing.

Step 4: Repeat the steps over and over until stain is no longer in existence.

Ascorbic acid powder ( for larger stains )

Step 1: Sprinkle your vitamin c powder onto rust stains. Cover the entire stain area.

Step 2: Leave the powder to settle for a few seconds. Scrub the stain firmly.

step 3: Repeat the steps until the stain is gone.


Leaving the powder to sit for too long will result in burning away the many layers of your fiberglass pool.


If the stain is reoccurring, better call a professional to help you with the job.


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