How to Maintain a Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers are sometimes neglected in the pool maintenance aspect. In this article, we study how to maintain a swimming pool cover.

Taking care of your pool is not only the pool water itself it also includes all equipment and pool cover as well.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a swimming pool cover:

Automatic Pool Cover

Checking the water level is a must for any type of pool covers. For an automatic pool cover, the water level should be mid-skimmer level. Too much water can flood the system. The low water level can cause sagging for an automatic pool cover. It can also put more strain on the cover as well. And especially when large loads of water or any debris is being acquired.

Removed water or snow and any debris to avoid damage to the automatic pool cover.

Check any cut and tear from your automatic pool cover. Holes or any tear can jeopardize the safety of the pool cover.

Clean the automatic pool covers every 3-6 months. Clean motor housing once a year. Inspect track to make sure it’s secure and tighten any loose areas as needed.

Solid Safety Pool Covers

Check the water level. Water or snow and any debris can add excess strain to the pool cover. And it can reduce the lifespan of your pool if not checked properly.

Like the automatic pool cover, you must also check any cut and tear in this kind of pool cover. Again any cut or tear can compromise the safety of your pool cover.

Clean your solid safety pool covers using a garden hose, pool brush and you can also use a mild soap.

Solar Pool Cover

Clean your solar pool cover using a garden hose and gently scrub the cover with a soft brush. Make sure to clean the cover before putting it aside.

When solar pool covers are not in use, it is significant to move the object away from the sunlight. The heat from the sunlight can damage the pool cover making the lifespan shorter. And to prevent the existence of any mildew, allow the cover to dry properly before putting it aside.


Again for any type of pool covers always check the water level. Maintaining it at the middle of the skimmer opening. And always keep them clean to lengthen their lifespan so you can use them for a longer time.

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