How to Maintain your Pool with These 3 Easy Steps

Having a pool brings a lot of fun for pool owners. It will bring you, your family and friends endless fun and keeps you closer together. Here at My Pool Guy, we give you tips on how to maintain your pool with these 3 easy steps

3 Easy Steps in Maintaining your Pool 

1. Test your pool water

  • Alkalinity
Test and adjust your pool water’s alkalinity. The total alkalinity represents the number of alkaline substances present in your pool. Alkaline is a pH stabilizer. And when the pool’s alkaline is properly adjusted your pH fluctuates less.
Standard total alkalinity: 80-120ppm
  • pH
pH measures how much of an acid or base of a substance has.
Standard total pH level: 7.4-7.6
How to increase pH:
You can use sodium carbonate (soda ash), it can raise and stabilize your pH level.
How to decrease pH:

Use a pH decreaser such as

– sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid

  • Calcium hardness
If you are noticing some scaling around the pool water lines it is more likely that there is a build-up of calcium.
Standard calcium hardness: 200-400ppm
How to increase calcium hardness:
                        – Use calcium chloride.
How to decrease calcium hardness:
  • Drain a little of your pool water and change it with fresh new water.
  • Use a flocculant to collect excess calcium in your pool water.

2. Add chlorine to sanitize your pool water

Chlorine is being used to keep your pool sanitize all year long. It keeps your pool water free from germs, bacteria, and algae. Without chlorine in your pool, germs, bacteria, and algae will be present in your pool water. Chlorine is also used to keep the pool water safe and clean all the time.
The standard level for chlorine: 3ppm

3. Cyanuric acid

Check and adjust cyanuric acid with the right level needed. Cyanuric acid works as a sunblock for our pools. Protecting it from the sun’s UV rays.
Remember to test the water again after doing all the steps in cleaning and maintaining your pool. It will allow you to make sure everything is perfectly fine.
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If you find that there are changes in your pool water balance the alkalinity might be too low. You can then add a baking soda to your pool water to increase alkalinity and stabilize pH.