How to Maintain your Saltwater Pool

Some people think that a saltwater pool is easier to maintain. Although there is less maintenance needed, there will still necessary steps in maintaining your saltwater pool. In this article, we check on how to maintain your saltwater pool.

Maintaining your saltwater pool

To care for your saltwater pool you’ll need to keep your filter, pump, and skimmer always clean. And make sure they are all in good condition.

  • Weekly

My Pool Guy recommends scheduling the same day of the week to do your weekly maintenance for your pool.

Test the pool water for free chlorine and pH. You can use a test kit in testing your pool water.

The free chlorine is between 1-3 ppm
The pH is at 7.2-7.6

  • Monthly

Monthly testing is going to be a little bit more occupied, in the sense that you will be testing chemical balance. Adjusting the chemical balance is also needed. Cleaning is also a little bit more carefully.

Test the pool water for:
  • Salinity (Salt) between 2700-4500 ppm
    But each salt cell generator is different, always check the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Alkalinity between 80-120ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer) between 70-80ppm
    Cyanuric acid acts as a stabilizer for your pool water.
  • Calcium Hardness between 200-400 ppm


  • Quarterly

It is good to check your pool’s salt cell every three months to keep it performing well. Once removed, check the inside of the cell for any scale build-up or any debris. If there are deposits seen, use a high-pressure garden hose to clean the scale off.


Saltwater pools are popular options for homeowners who want a pool in their yard. They are easier to clean and maintain than chlorine pools. They are usually cheaper and a little easier to maintain. Again always keep the filter, pump, and skimmer clean to lessen the maintenance on your pool. Just make sure you keep your chemicals balanced and your generator clean. And you will be enjoying your new addition for many years to come!

And for all your pool needs call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!