How to Refill a Swimming Pool After Draining

Seems that your last option is to drain your pool so, the next thing you need to know is how to refill a swimming pool after draining.

In refilling your pool, it depends on the resources available in your location.

Here are some options on how to refill a swimming pool:

  • Garden hose / City water
  • Well water
  • Nearby hydrant

Garden Hose / City Water

You have the garden hose that you can use in putting water into your pool. It may take while thou but this is the simplest way of filling your pool with water.

What to do:

Hook up one end of your garden hose to your city water or outdoor tap and drop the other end to your pool.

This method is the simplest, but it can also get pricey. Your water bill will arise for sure! Time is also a factor to check into, it can take a day or two to fill an average-sized pool. It actually depends on the water pressure in your place on how fast or slow it may take.

Well water

Well water can save you money if we are talking about the water bill. But well water does have some characteristics that need special attention.

Problems with well water:
  • Minerals present in the water

Water from well is different in scent, taste, and has minerals like hydrogen sulfide. And because of minerals present in the water, it can be hard in sanitizing and balancing the pool water.

  • Will well water run dry?

The this is can your well handle it? It’s crucial to make sure your well can handle the amount of water needed to fill your pool.

  • Pump

Like, wondering if the well can handle refilling your pool next thing is can your pump handle it as well. This is another factor to check when using well water in refilling your pool.

And as long as you keep these things in mind it can help you save time and money in refilling your pool.

Nearby Hydrant

Make sure to ask all permits needed before using the nearby fire hydrant in your place.

And make sure to hire a pool professional to help you with refilling your swimming pool. And for all your pool needs call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!