Problems with Concrete Swimming Pools

Every type or kind of swimming pool comes with its own problems. No matter what type of material you choose, you may face some kind of problem. Concrete pools are the firmest, most solid, and long-lasting style kind of pool. But there are some problems with concrete swimming pools that we must take into consideration.

All kinds of pools sometimes share different types of problems as well. We all just need to figure out what is the best thing to do to prevent problems from coming.

Here are some list of frequent concrete swimming pool problems:

  • Installation

One common problem with concrete pools is the installation process itself. But if you are willing to wait for a few weeks, that would be fine. Make sure to hire professional contractors to do this job. And try to get something in writing on how long the installation would last. Because concrete installation will take more than a few weeks or so. But the good thing is the final product will surely stay stable, durable and strong. And you can also choose your own design if you want it big or small too.

  • Shells cracking

Classic concrete pools are more likely to crack and it can cost a lot of money to repair. Over the lifespan of a pool, the cost of repairs due to cracking can cost a lot that the initial cost of the pool.

This kind of problem arises from incorrect construction. Properly designed and engineered pools can withstand unstable soil. And if it’s not properly engineered it may leak and fail structurally.

Inappropriate levels of pH, alkalinity or calcium can cause skalling to your concrete pool.

To prevent skalling you should brush the pool walls on a regular basis.

  • Floating or popping up the ground

Of all types of pools, concrete pools are the most likely to float.
A floating pool is the worst possible problem for any kind of pool, especially concrete pools.

Causes of a concrete pool to float or pop:
  • Empty pools
  • High-water level
  • Floods
  • Piping leaks
  • The pool is too old
  • Expansive soils


  • Maintenance

Any kind or type of pool requires maintenance and a concrete pool requires the most.

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