Problems with Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Any type of pool shares different kinds of problems. Like any other pool, even the fiberglass pool shares some problems too. If you’re considering to purchase a fiberglass pool make sure to do some research. And in this article, we go through some problems with fiberglass swimming pools.

The goal of this article is to find ways to know these problems and how to prevent them from happening

Here are some problems with fiberglass swimming pools:

Fiberglass pools are commonly delivered to homes in their final size and shape. And because of this, they need some sort of backfill to hold them in place. This backfill is basically sand and the trouble with sand is that it becomes soggy with water. It becomes liquefied and can create pressure on the pool walls. And if the shell of the pool is not strong enough to hold the pressure it can cause bulging.

  • Backfilling with clean stone

The stone can relieve the stress on the pool walls.

  • De-watering system

Dry pit or de-watering system allows you to remove most of the water out from around the pool.

  • Color fading

Over the years all kinds of pools can fade in color. And it can also happen to a fiberglass pool. And for a preventive measure, you can use a pool cover. A pool cover will protect your pool from UV damage. It does not mean it won’t fade by any chance but it can always protect your pool especially from UV damage.

  • Leaks

It is another problem with all types of pools that we need to look at. Always make sure to check all plumbing, pipes and other equipment for any possible leaks.

  • Cracks

Small cracks may appear during delivery and installation if not properly taken off. Maybe for others, it’s just a small crack but because you’re paying a lot you don’t want any crack, right?

Spider cracks may not be common with a good quality manufacturer and an excellent builder. It may not affect the structural integrity of the pool but then again you’re paying thousands of dollars, so you don’t want any cracks at all.


What you can do is hire the best pool builder that pays attention to details. Details like the installation process and one that really understand to maneuver a fiberglass pool.


There are always preventive measures that we can apply to our pools so we can enjoy them for a longer period of time.
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