Atom EMRX White-Colour LED Pool Light. Retro Fit


Brighter lightning for your pool and adding good design as well.

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Enjoy brighter lighting and save on electricity with Atom White-Colour LED Pool Light. Using LED light for your pool can give you a lot of improvement for the looks of your pool while saving a lot of money. These modern LED lights use around 88% less energy. Other than the older halogen counterparts. This upgrade will not only improve the looks of your pool. It will also decrease the running costs of your electricity bill.

Let say in the evening, you like to relax. For instance, you can go by the pool and enjoy the view.


  • Give a brighter and modern look to your pool.
  • Save on Electricity. Save up to 88% in electricity.
  • Simple to Upgrade. Easy to follow steps. No electrician required.
  • Australian Made. Support our local jobs and get a quality and durable  product with great warranty.


  • Durable. With advanced LED technology, patented cable connections and IPX8 water-ingress protection deliver top durability, year after year.
  • Brightest LED Lights on the market. Equipped with high-intensity multi-color LEDs, they provide brighter illumination than a 100 watt halogen globe.
  • Simple Installation. No electrician required, and there is no need to drop the water level.
  • Save up to 88% of electricity. Ceramic Light Engine technology delivers maximum brightness while consuming less than 12 watts.


  • Kind to the environment, operating on approximately 88% less energy than a normal 100 watt halogen light
  • Direct Connect Patented electrical connection eliminates possible sources of water entry
  • Patented 'Click-Fit' bayonet locking system - No fixing screws
  • IPX8 waterproof rating

Brands It Replaces:

Spa Electric WNRX Replaces the following Niche / Flush mounted lights:

  • PAL 2000 & PAL Touch
  • AquaQuip AquaStar*
  • AquaQuip EVO 2
  • Autumn Solar
  • Aqua De Light
  • Monarch MPL3000*
  • Spa Electrics WN 150*
  • and 50mm Class 9 PVC pipe.


  • 1 x Light
  • 1 x Niche Adapter
  • 1 x Dress Ring
  • 1 x Retro Seal Kit

Warranty is 12 Months on-site by the Manufacturer

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Atom EMRX White-Colour LED Pool Light

Atom EMRX White-Colour LED Pool Light


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