Summer Fun Activities for Everyone

Summer is all about having fun in the pool with your family and friends. And there are a lot of summer fun activities for everyone that sure you can enjoy.

We all know that summertime is pool time. And whenever the temperature rises, children and adults gather around the pool. Swimming is one way to cool off.

Summertime is also an excellent time to play in the pool water. A swimming pool is an ideal place to cool off and play a fun water activity with family and friends.

Here are some summer fun activities for everyone that you can enjoy.

It’s summertime and kids especially love the water. And it’s better to create summer fun activities for them. Don’t worry because you don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive toys.

  • Water games

Water games are fun for all ages and are ideal for hot summer days. There are some water activities that you can do outside the swimming pool.

Examples of water games that can you can do outside the swimming pool:
  • Water balloon games

Water balloons provide a fun, inexpensive game tool.


You will need enough water balloons for each set of paired players. Two lines of paired players facing each other and they toss a water balloon back and forth. They should take a step backward after every toss. The winning pair is the one that is able to do the longest without popping their balloon.

  • Relay race

A team gathers in lines and each team will go on a relay race fashion. The team that completes the task first will win. You can either do the relay in or outside the pool.

  • Swimming pool water games

    • Swimming pool race

It is a race in which you swim in the farthest distance in the shortest period of time. Two or more people will begin on one side of the pool and race on the other side.

  • Diving games
Diving games like:

Retrieving items underwater like coins and other things.
Swim the farthest underwater.
Holding breath the longest.
If you have an available hoop you can go through it.

  • Tag games

This game of tag allows a player to run around the pool water. If the person tagging tags another player she/he will be the next “It” and try to tag another player. Players are not allowed to leave the water or else they will lose and become the “It”.


Make sure to follow rules when you are playing some swimming pool games such as:

Supervised the children responsibly
Safety first
Follow pool rules


Remember that the water can always be a bit dangerous at times so make sure to be extra careful at all times.

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