Swimming Pool Repairs for Empty Pools and Full Pool

As a pool starts to age, the plaster will need occasional repair. Cracks, chipping, and hollow spots are common problems for pools as the pool age. And in this article, we go through some swimming pool repairs for empty pools and full pool.

With the right tools and materials, pool owners can do their own repairs but sometimes it’s better to call the professionals. Professionals like My Pool Guy can help you with your pools. So why not let My Pool Guy be your pool guy!

Swimming Pool Repairs for Empty Pools

  • Cut the crack out 1/2′ deep and extend the length of the crack one inch on both ends.
  • Rinse the crack and allow it to dry.
  • Wipe any debris or dust on the surface.
  • Apply a bead of sealer along the length of the crack.
  • Mis pool patch and bonding additive.
  • Gently moisten the concrete edges of the crack.
  • Apply the pool patching mixture to the crack. Making sure to push the mixture into the crack to remove all air.
  • Clean off any excess material, and smoothens it with a wet sponge to match the consistency of the surface.
  • Fill the pool as soon as possible and go for a swim! Don’t forget to test your pool water!
  • Make sure to always wear an eye and ear protection, gloves and long pants.

Full Pool Repairs

If you don’t want to drain your pool, you can still repair any cracks in the plaster.
  • Choose the right pool patch material for your swimming pool.
  • Open the crack a bit by raking a flathead screwdriver down the crack or around the edge of the area.
  • Use a brush to remove any algae or dirt.
  • Mis equal parts of the pool patch material. You can add pool water to the mixture to help mix the resin and hardener. Make sure to smooth the edges when patching any cracks on the pool.
  • For a fast set plaster mix patch, mix the material on the dry side, and roll into a ball shape. Quickly take the patched ball underwater and push it into place with a trowel. Smooth out the edges with trowel or fingers.
  • Use goggles to see clearly underwater.
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