The Importance of Pool Circulation

Proper pool circulation is important in maintaining a healthy pool environment. Why it is important? Because it keeps your pool sanitize and clean. Circulation plays a vital role in all parts of the process. In this article we tackle the importance of pool circulation and why it is important.

Why pool circulation is important?

Proper pool circulation is important because, with poor circulation, impurities can build-up. And with impurities build-up, it can result in having a dirty pool.

Right pool circulation gives your pool a well sanitize pool water to keep it clean. Without proper circulation, any chemicals that you add will not be evenly dispersed.

What makes a good pool circulation?

  • Pump

Every pool must have a pool pump and a filter at the very least. The pool pump is the main reason for the pool water to circulate well. Pool pump pulls water and passes it through the filter. And having a good pool pump is very important to maintain a correct or right circulation.

Dead areas are the area in your pool that has low or poor circulation. These areas can be near your pool steps, behind ladders and beneath the skimmers. It’s better to brush these areas in your pool on a regular basis to prevent contaminants in your pool.

With proper pool circulation, you can avoid having unwanted contaminants or algae. And it’s better to take these simple steps to ensure good circulation.

How to improve your pool circulation?

Having your return jet in a direction that will spin the water in your pool is a good idea. It is also a wonderful plan to point the jet to the opposite side of your skimmer and downwards. In this manner, the water will circulate properly. The water from the top up with the bottom of your pool.

Circulation is very vital for proper pool care. It’s easy to do since the pool pump is doing all the work for you. And don’t forget to make sure that:

  • Run pool pump and pool filter up to 8-10 hours a day.
  • Brush your pool at least once a week.
  • Proper angle of the return jet.

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