Things You Should Never Let Your Kid Do At The Pool

There’s nothing more fun than spending time with your family in the pool. But there are also things you should never let your kid do at the pool.

Here are some things you should never let your kid do at the pool:

Run-on the pool deck

Running on a pool deck is very dangerous. The pool deck can be slippery because of water that has splashed out of the pool. It can cause someone to slip especially children running around. That is why we avoid running in the pool deck because children might fall into the water. We want to make sure that they walk carefully on the deck.

Never leave them unattended

You should never let them play unattended especially near the pool. Even children who know how to swim must be watched by an adult. It doesn’t matter as well even if they are in the shallow part of the pool. It is better to keep an eye on them.

Everything can happen to children near the pool so better make sure they will be safe at all times. Better be safe than sorry!

Skipping the sunscreen

Make sure to apply sunscreen to your kid’s whole body before playing in the pool. Better yet do it before wearing their swimming attire so you won’t miss any areas. Much better if we apply throughout the day to prevent sunburn. Use a sunscreen with at least SPF30.

Swim alone

It is not safe to swim alone, especially for children even if they know how to swim. Accidents happen all the time so it’s better to take precautionary actions. And always have adult supervision when children swim.

Swim too close to the drain

Kids who are learning to dive love swimming to the bottom part of the pool to show off their skills. But make sure to tell them not to get close to the drain. The drain can actually trap you underwater.

No diving (especially in the shallow end)

Sometimes we see the “No Diving” sign are always there for a reason, they did not put it for a design. The pool may not that deep to dive in headfirst. Make sure they jump feet first even if they are still small kids.

Not to pee in the pool

Better to teach them at a young age, that it is not good peeing in the pool. It may sound like no big deal to let your kids pee in the pool. But there are many reasons why it’s a bad idea.

Did you know?

Red irritated eyes after swimming in the pool is not caused by chlorine. It is caused by the urine in the pool. That is why we should always teach our children not to pee in the pool.

We hope you stay safe and have fun in the pool!

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