Tips to Keep Ducks Away From Your Swimming Pool

Are you having problems with ducks fluttering around your pool? Here are simple tips to keep ducks away from your swimming pool.

Tips to keep the ducks away from the pool:

  • Solar Pool Cover

    Pool covers are often used to avoid water evaporation, leaves, and other debris to your pool. But it can also prevent ducks from coming to your pool.

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Ducks get easily alarmed when they see or hear any alarming sound or movement. And because they get easily scared an automatic pool cleaner can prevent them from landing into your pool.

  • Inflatable Pool Toys

    Have certain inflatable pool toys like an alligator, killer whale, snakes, and dolphins in your pool. Especially when you’re not using your pool, you can leave this inflatable to scare ducks away. But sometimes when they learn these things are only toys they will or might come back again.

  • Get A Dog

    Ducks hate dogs and so as dogs hate ducks as well. Dogs are one of the duck’s natural predators and their bark alone can scare them away.

  • Duck Off

    There is a company called Lo-Chlor who makes a pool chemical called Duck Off. This breaks the surface tension of the pool water. This chemical makes the ducks uncomfortable so they cannot float in the pool water. But even if it’s not good for ducks it is safe to use for your pool. And some may not like the idea of putting unnecessary chemicals in the pool, you can use this as your last resort.

Why Ducks Like Pool?

Pools are an inviting environment for ducks, especially during nesting. Swimming pools provide a good source of protection from predators.

Why Do You Need to Keep Ducks Away From Your Pool?

Any kind of bird can increase the risk of germs and disease in your pool. Such as:

  • E Coli
  • Salmonella

But, luckily most types of bacteria die fast once they come into contact with chlorine. That is why it is better to keep your pool water balanced especially your chlorine level.

And if you have ducks or any birds visiting or staying in your pool, just scare them away. There is no reason for you to kill them. MIGRATORY BIRD TREATY ACT of 1918

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