Ways to Prevent Pool Freeze Damage

Your swimming pool is a huge property that you purchase and it’s important to keep it long-lasting. You need to keep it clean all year round. in this article, we go over on some ways to prevent pool freeze damage.

When the winter months arrive you want to be ready as always. you don’t want your pool to have any kind of damage, right? Keeping your pool open during winter months is possible, you just need to put a bit of special care.

Ways to prevent pool freeze

  • Run the pool heater 12 hours/day

Run the pool heater 12 hours/day to stay above freezing temperatures. You can also use a solar cover to gain more control over your pool to keep it warm all winter season.

  • Keep the pool covered to seal the heat

To keep the heat to your pool you can use a pool cover to trap the heat and keep your pool warm. And a solar pool cover is the best way to keep your pool warm. It helps in keeping your pool warmer during the winter season. It can also reduce unnecessary heat loss.

  • Keep the pool pump running

It is better to run the pool pump especially if you live in a place wherein the water temperature drops below freezing. Better to let the pool pump 24/7. This is to maintain the pool water and to prevent it from freezing.

  • Keeping the pool clean

Make it a point to keep your pool always clean all the time. Regularly skim your pool to get rid of the ice in the pool surface.

  • Check the pool water level

Always check the pool water level to keep it at an ideal level. As well as to prevent pool water from freezing.

What temperature does a pool freeze?

For a chlorinated and non-chlorinated pool, it freezes at around 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Keep the water warn and well above freezing temperatures to keep the pool freeze damage. Always make sure to clean it properly to keep it safe and clean all year round.

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