What is a Pool Pump for Swimming Pool

The pump is primarily the heart of a swimming pool’s circulation system. In this article, we study what is a pool pump for swimming pool and the difference as well of a pool pump and a pool filter.

What is a pool pump?

The main role of a pool pump is to pull water from the pool into the filter to make the water clean and sparkling.

Pump consist of a:

  • Pump basket
    The pump basket is the one who collects debris and leaves.
  • Impeller
    This a fan-like mechanism of a pool pump.
  • Water discharge
    The discharge is the connection point that pushes the water from the pump into the filter’s housing.

What does a pool pump do?

If the water in the pool is stagnant for so long, algae and other bacteria would be present in the pool water. And any pool owner would not want any kind of algae and bacteria in their pool. And one of the essential aspects of keeping your pool clean is a righty pool circulation. Pool circulation is being generated by a pool pump. And it is the first component of your pool filtration system.

The pool pump pulls water from the pool and then pushes it out through the filter. And to keep your pool water clean the pool pump must run through the filter system at least once a day.

When to run a pool pump?

There are factors to determine the right time to run a pool pump:
  • Daytime

The highest chlorine demand would be during the day. And since most chemicals need the pump to be operating when adding you can say its during the day.

  • Nighttime

But, due to the higher cost of electric power during day time, you can also say it would be better during night time.


Chemical demand and energy cost are also factors if what time of the day would it be better to run the pool pump.

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