When to Replace Your Pool Cartridge Filter

Proper cleaning of your pool cartridge filter will keep your pool clean and safe. But sometimes, cleaning is not enough you need to change the pool cartridge filter. And in this article, we talk about when to replace your pool cartridge filter.

Dirt and mineral build up in your pool filter wherein cleaning it could not remove any dirt and minerals. That is why you know when its time to change it into a new one.

Here are some tips to know when its time to change your pool cartridge filter:

Most pool owners replace their filter cartridges about every 2-3 years. But, remember the time frame of your filter may be longer or shorter depending on the demand.

  • PSI is high

High-pressure reading is a sign of increasing tension or the pressure within the filter. A common cause of a high PSI reading is a dirty cartridge. Always make sure to keep in clean so it can last longer.

  • End caps cracked

Once the end cap begins to crack it is better to replace the cartridge filter right away. Using a cartridge with a broken cap can cause the filter system damage. Because the broken piece might circulate through the filter system and can cause damage.

  • Cloudy water

Another way to check if your filter needs a replacement is when you notice that the pool water stays cloudy. Despite the proper chemical balance, it stays cloudy or green. And that is the time you need to change your cartridge filter.

You can also try to clean the cartridge first, but if the problem does not clear up in a few days then it’s better to replace it. It means that the cartridge is unable to filter the water as effectively as before. It is time to buy a new cartridge filter.

  • Wear fabric

Made from porous materials, the pool cartridge filter allows the water through while blocking debris to your pool water. But wear and tear from the water pressure and debris can cause the material to unravel.

Wear materials of the filter let debris into your pool water and eventually break the pump. If the filter looks uneven, fuzzy or rotted in any way you should replace it as soon as possible.



If your pool filter doesn’t suffer from any of the above problems you can wait and change your filter on a set schedule. Most pool filter cartridges are good for around 2 years.


Filters do wear quicker when they’re exposed to sunscreen, deodorant, hair products, and other chemicals introduced into your pool’s filtration system.

Your filter replacement schedule also depends on the size of your pool. The larger your pool, the more water running through your filter, and the quicker it’ll wear and start letting debris into your pool.

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