“Why do Australians love swimming?”

Swimming is Australian’s leading sport. So why do Australians love to swim? They say it’s in their blood. Swimming is practically in their DNA. Most Australian people live within easy walking or driving distance of the sea.

Australia Swims

This is a nine-day celebration of Australian’s love for the water. They celebrate this every January wherein there are nine days of water experience all over Australia.

Why do Australians need to learn how to swim?

A lot of Australian’s love the water, they say most Australians could swim even before they could walk.

 I have asked some Australians on “Why do Australians love swimming” and this is what they have to say:

Jeff Collinson, an Australian based in the Philippines, says for him the reason Australians love swimming is:

For sport – Australia has some of the best swimmers in the world and has won heaps of medals at the Olympics and Commonwealth games…

We have beautiful beaches and rivers and to get the most out of these you need to know how to swim…..

Our beaches are mainly ‘surf’ beaches and these are dangerous if you don’t know how to swim…

Also, most schools have swimming programs when you first start school…..at many, it is ‘mandatory’ that you must learn to swim…

Also, it’s hot in Australia and many homes will have swimming pools…… so kids are taught at a young age how to swim..

It is unusual for an Australian not to be able to swim….. and most can swim very well…..

I could swim a kilometer in less than 20 mins when I was younger…

Susan McEwan from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia;

I love swimming because it’s a great way to exercise in the heat and its low impact.

Dean Pascoe an Australian based in the Philippines;

Swimming in Australia just comes naturally, we have beautiful beaches and water holes in the bush. We generally have a hot climate which makes swimming more appealing, and most Australians are taught to swim at a young age.
Personally, I think Australians like swimming because it’s fun for everyone, whether you’re a good swimmer or a beginner the water can be a fun social event for all to participate together, especially the family.


And as a Filipino for me to answer this question on ” Why do Australians Love Swimming?

” For me maybe, because swimming is a fun thing to do. It can be fun for everyone. It can be a bonding time and a fun activity to do with the whole family.

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