Why Spring is the Best Time to Install a Pool

Finally, you have made a decision to install a pool. And after deciding on the size, shape, and position of the pool, the next question is when to install it? Would it be spring, summer, fall or winter? Here are some reasons why spring is the best time to install a pool.

Why spring is the best time to have a pool:

Springtime is an ideal time to start an installation process because it will allow you to have all summer to enjoy your pool. And because winter is over, the ground is still soft from all then winter snow. Which means digging is easy and quick.

Spring also starts a lot of activity. Birds are singing. Plants are growing. And fun activities in the pool are calling everyone to enjoy.

Some advantages of installing a pool during springtime:

  • Have the latest products

During winter and spring, this is when many pool products get in the market. They introduce new models for products such as pumps, cleaners and a lot more. If you want to have state-of-the-art equipment and design, spring is the best season for you.

And for people who love a sale, this is also the perfect time for you to find cheaper deals. Because some pool suppliers are trying to empty their inventory for old products, for new items to sell in the market.

  • Best time for pool landscaping

After setting up your pool its also the best time to design the landscaping around it. So that it’s not only your pool who will be summer-ready but the surroundings as well. It will be both ready for a summer pool party.

  • Summer ready

Fall or winter can also be the right time for you to install a pool, but you can’t use it especially during winter. Because we usually closed our pool during winter. The weather is not a good time for a swim. A spring installation will be the best for you to welcome summer.

So it may be,  fall, winter, spring or summer it’s up to you to choose the perfect time to install a pool. The important is you will have fun while doing the pool and once it’s done.

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