Pool Pump Timer 

Why do we need a pool pump timer? The pump is the heart of the swimming pool’s circulation system. The heart of the pool system is the water pump. In a typical pump system, an electric motor spins an impeller inside the pump housing. Before it flows into the pump, the water passes through a basket that catches leaves and debris. Is it necessary that we have a pool pump in our pool? The answer is YES. A good pool pump timer will assure you of a flawless running swimming pool. Choosing the right pool pump timer also helps to keep the pool clean and make it safe and healthy for people to swim. But before you choose any pool pump timer, ensure that you understand the pool’s electrical specs. A continuous running pump will ensure that your pool water is not murky and unpleasant. That is why you need a timer to control how the pump runs. A good-quality pool pump timer helps to cut down the energy cost. As well as give you total control of your swimming pool. Since the energy cost of the home will be lessen, you will save money on the general maintenance costs of the pool. Your pool’s pump and filter. The thing is, you can’t not use them because they’re crucial parts of your pool’s circulation system. Sure, you could turn your filter system on and off yourself so they use less electricity. Or you could save yourself time, money, and hassle by getting an automatic pool timer. Running your pool’s filtration system 24/7/365 is the best way to keep your water clean of particulates. Your filtration system, your wallet. And the environment all deserve a break from constant energy use. The best way to address all those problems without adding an extra.

How Does a Pool Timer Work?

A pool timer connects to one or more pool pumps which activate at the desired time of day. Example is in the evening when no one is swimming. You connect pool timer to a grounded power source and wired to a pool pump. While electrical signals are used to command the pool pump. The pool timer is mechanical.

Always check that you choose a timer that matches the needs of your pool about the size and type. If you make a wrong choice, you will end up wasting money and also messing up your pool. You consider the voltage requirements too.

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