It is easy to use control system, self-cleaning and precise level of chlorine is added as required.

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VX Salt Chlorinator

They say that all life evolved from the sea. And that salt water makes up 70% of our bodies, so it’s little wonder we find salt water the most natural medium to swim in.

It’s one reason why salt chlorinators are now the accepted standard for pool sanitizing.


Manual dosing with liquid or granular chlorine can be haphazard. Over-dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin, and a strong chlorine odor. It generates chlorine at the level you must. Set and forget.


The easy to use touchpad enables complete control of your pump and sanitizer system. Although the VX is easy to use, it’s packed full of features making your swimming pool a pleasure to own and use.

Built for Australia

Australia has some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. Unlike many parts of the world, our larger blocks of land allow pool equipment to be outside. Exposed to the elements, extreme heat, torrential rain. And infestation by small insects and animals. So the VX has been designed with IP X5 weather protection. It also has fine mesh screens. And a long life cooling fan to help seal and cool critical electronic components. Even the LCD display is constructed to withstand high temperature. And UV radiation in the harsh Australian environment.

Acqua Therepé

It is matched for use with AstralPool’s unique Acqua Therepé minerals. It replaces conventional pool salt with a blend of minerals that soften water. It has inhibited scale formation and staining. It may provide health benefits to the skin, eyes, cardiovascular and nervous systems.


This is available in 5 different sizes with and without time clocks


Each chlorinator is covered by a 5-year warranty on the cell and 5-year pro rata on the power pack.
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VX Salt Chlorinator

VX 7T, VX 9T, VX 11T


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