Pool Ionizer PWP2 (Complete Installation Kit)

The Power Ionizer uses a low DC voltage current to scatter positively charged copper and silver ions into the water. Given that bacteria is negatively charged, these particles are drawn to the ions and are killed as the charge penetrates the cell walls.

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Pool Ionizer Description:

The PWP2 is a swimming pool, spa and pool ioniser that controls the filter, pump run times and current output to the copper and silver alloy electrodes. The battery backed up clock controls multiple filter and ionising times as well as auto winter and turndown modes. The PWP2 is designed to suit pools up to 100,000 litres.

The PWP2 provides a filtration pump timer and uses an ionisation process of passing a
controlled current through the water between the copper and silver alloy electrodes. This
process called electrolysis enables copper and silver ions to enter the water. The copper
works to inhibit algae growth and the silver as an aid to fighting bacteria.

Pool Ionizer Technical Information

Input - 240VAC 50Hz 10A 2400 Watt
Output – 240 VAC 9.98A 2395 Watt
Electrical Approval Certificate –
Approval Standards – AS/NZS3136:2001
Including Amendments 1&2, AS/NZS
61000.6.3:2012 (EMC) Part 6.3
APVMA Approval Number 61279


This range of product is covered by a limited 3 year warranty against component failure or faulty workmanship from the date of installation. Faulty units should be returned in the first instance to the dealer from which the unit was purchased. Damage to the unit due to misuse, power surges, lightning strikes or installation that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction may void the warranty. Valves and actuators are covered by a twelve month warranty at the discretion of their manufacturer. Warranty does not cover travel costs to or from installation site.

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