How to get rid of pool algae?

Who wants a pool full of algae?No one right? That is why Mypoolguy is here to help you get rid of algae on your pool.
1. Improve circulation to handle small spots of algae. If small clumps of algae form but do not spread to the rest of the pool, you may have areas of stagnant water. Check that your water jets are functioning . They should point into the water at an angle, so the water moves in a spiral pattern.
2. Gather the algae with a flocculant. A flocculant or coagulant clumps the algae together. making it possible to vacuum living algae. This may take a hard day of work. but your pool should be clear by the end of it. This is the fastest way to get your pool looking good, but it does not make the water safe to swim in. If algae can multiply, so can viruses and bacteria. Follow this with a chlorine shock treatment to sanitize the pool. And do not swim in the pool until chlorine and pH levels are back to normal.
3. Treat the pool with algaecide. Algaecide will kill your algae, but the side effects and expense may not be worth it. Here are a few factors to weigh when considering this option. Some algaecide products are not powerful enough to treat an existing bloom. Ask a pool store employee for help, or find a product with 30%+ active ingredients. Quaternary ammonia algaecides (“quats”) are cheap, but cause your water to foam. Many people find this annoying. Copper-based algaecides are more effective, but expensive. They usually stain your pool walls as well. After adding the algaecide, wait at least 24 hours before adding other chemicals.
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