Major benefits of robotic pool cleaner that we should consider


Major benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaner are beneficial for pool owners. For pool owners, there is nothing more exhausting than cleaning the pool itself. The common denominator on why people want to own a pool is that they want to relax and enjoy. That is the reason why most pool owners prefer to buy robotic pool cleaners. We complied a comprehensive list on major benefits of robotic pool cleaners. For your pool needs My Pool Guy is HERE

1. Environmentally friendly

One of the best things about an Robotic Pool Cleaner is that it is eco-friendly. Safe to the surrounding environment. It runs underwater, so it would not produce hazardous chemicals that can be mixed with water. That would harm anyone in the pool. Unlike other robotic devices, it doesn’t produce harmful gases. And its heat is also being well controlled.

2. Energy efficient

Opposite to common belief, robotic cleaners do not need to consume high amount of voltage. Robotic Poll Cleaner minimizes consumption of energy. It uses only low amount of voltage. At range of around 60-70watts/hour. Robotic cleaners consume energy only as much as a regular light bulb. As a result to saving energy, saving cash is also associated to this benefit.

3. Money Saver

At this point, you may already get the idea why robotic pool cleaners can save you more money than you think. As house owners, we know that there is a strong correlation between high energy consumed by a product. And to the high electric bill we receive each month. Robotic Pool Cleaner saves energy thus saving you money at the same time.



4. Maintains Safe Pool Chemicals

Chlorine is a common chemical used to disinfect pool from algae and bacteria. It will become unsafe when the balance between the chemicals used is higher than the pool water. The concentration of chlorine found in pool disinfectants is about 10% to 90% strong.
Robotic pool cleaners use advanced brushing technology that scrubs all sides and edges of your pool. It cleans away pool pollutants such as dust, algae, and bacteria. This means that there is no need to use high amount of chemicals to clean the water to get rid of the nasty dirt. With the help of a robotic cleaner, we can now lessen the use of chemicals. It may be hazardous to users.

5. Water Saver

All pools have their own main filtration system or a circulation pump and filter. The system comprises meters of pipes bending around the pool with a pumping engine and filter at the end of it. Particles of dirt get sucked through the tubes and end up in filters. They stay until backwashing is performed.

Backwashing the filter is the process of flushing the water back through the filter. This is removing the trapped dirt. The more the filtration system gets clogged up, the more backwashing needed. This process wastes large amount of water every time. With an Robotic Pool Cleaner, it removes from the circulation pump. This helps prevent the main filter from getting clogged up. The result is less backwashing and less water wasted.

6. Low Maintenance

Not only do the owners will enjoy the freedom from doing swimming pool chores. One of the best benefits of robotic pool cleaners is the low maintenance of using the machine.

7. Advanced Cleaning Technology

Robotic pool cleaners have superior cleaning. It has abilities that are incomparable with a circulation pump filter. An automated pool cleaner, or even human cleaning skills. For one thing, robotic cleaners climb pool walls. And navigate through pool beds to suck out all the pollutants that are stuck on its surfaces. This process alone of washing off stuck dirt, especially in corners, is a great advantage.
It cleans out all different kinds of pollutants. Whether its source is internal or external. Internal pollutants include algae, chemicals, and bacteria. External pollutants could either be human-driven such as sweat, urine, viruses, suntan lotions. Environmentally-driven which includes leaves, fruits, twigs, pollens, and dust. RPC uses an advanced systematic and intelligent cleaning to make your pools pollutant-free.

8. Plug and Play

The plug-and-play feature of a robotic pool cleaner is the simplest feature of the device. There is no need for complicated assembly before using it. There may be simple set-up and installation needed for the robots to analyze the dimension of the pool and intensity of the cleaning. Other than that, press the power button, dip it into the water, and then voila! The RPC is ready to go to meet all your pool cleaning needs.

9. Robots are Awesome!

The last but not the least robotic pool cleaners is that this machine is the future of pool maintenance. that comes with different awesome high-tech features. How often do we get to boast to our friends that we have a robot at home? Robotic pool cleaners climb pool walls and stairs, how cool is that! And it does not only do all these neat little tricks, but it also does all the proper cleaning for you.
So don’t get left behind and stay ahead of the latest trend because as they say, we are now living in the future.

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