Common Swimming Pool Care Mistakes

There are common pool care mistakes that happen with every pool owner. This is particularly normal if you’re a new pool owner or merely someone who doesn’t have time to clean your pool.

Here are some common mistakes in caring for your pool:

Not Brushing your Pool

Brushing your pool is very important to keep away scum from building up. Pool walls and floor must be brushed regularly to guarantee that no bacteria or algae will get in your pool.

Adding shock straight to the pool water

Adding shock straight to your pool water is the least effective way to shock your pool. One reason is that it will not dissolve well and may stain on the pool floors. Instead what you can do is pre-dissolved the chemical in a bucket of water before you shock your pool. This will provide an even dispersal of the chemical in shocking your pool.

Ignoring pH. alkalinity and calcium hardness

It is important to check the pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness on a regular basis to protect your pool. Not having the right pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness can lead to a big disaster.

Shocking your pool during the day

One reason why it is not a good idea to shock your pool during the day is that the sun burns up the chlorine faster. So it is better to do it at night time or when the sun is down.

Adding pool shock straight into the pool skimmer

Adding it straight to the pool water and on the skimmer is not a good idea. In the skimmer, if you add it straight away it can create an explosive chemical reaction. Add shocking chemicals by following instructions and wear proper safety gear.


Preventative care is a major factor in determining the quality of your pool water. It’s the little things that will help you keep your pool sparkling clean all year long.

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