How Does a Pool Filter System Work

A pool filter system has a crucial role in the overall health of the water in your pool. Pool filter system and pool pumps can make the pool clean for you to enjoy the pool as its finest. In this article, we check on how does a pool filter system work and what are the different kinds of filters as well.

Different Types of Pool Filters

  • Sand Filter
  • Cartridge Filter

Sand Filter

Sand filters are one of the oldest filters around. These are more convenient and cost-effective on all types of filters. But they need more water because they need to be clean often.

We can use this type of filter in different kinds of pools. These are also low maintenance kind of filter compared with cartridge and DE filters. They are also inexpensive and easy to replace.

How does a sand filter work:

  1. The filtration process begins when dirty water from the pool enters the filter.
  2. Once the tank is filled with pool water it then passes through specialized sand. The contaminants that are large enough to catch are then filtered out.
  3. The filtered water is then returned back into the pool.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are one of the most popular choices when it comes to pool filters. Why? Because you can clean them without backwashing. Which allows pool owners to save water, time and energy.

This kind of filter can filter down to as low as 10 microns. This type of filter is the most environmentally friendly option. It is also easy to install. And it needed less plumbing there is no because backwash piping required.

How does a cartridge filter work:

  1. Water flows into a large tank.
  2. Inside the tank is a pleated paper or polyester element and this is the one who strains out impurities.
  3. And then the clean water is then piped back into the swimming pool.


This is often cited as the most effective of all pool filter types. They also offer the clearest pool water possible. They can also trap particles as low as 3 to 5 microns. DE filter is also easy to install and needs less water to clean. This kind of filter is the best for residential pools.

How does a DE ( DIATOMACEOUS EARTH ) filter work:

  1. Put DE powder first. DE powder contains microscopic skeletons of diatoms, a type of algae to the pool filter.
  2. The powder acts like a sponge and absorbs the dirt from the water that goes into the filter. And by the skimmer box, the dirt is then taken out.
  3. The filtered water is then pumped back into the pool.



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