How My Pool Guy Started

My Pool Guy started back in 2005. But it actually started with Adam who is in his early 20’s with his Dad who built pools back then. It was in 1995-1996, his dad who is building pools handed the maintenance clients to Adam. It actually started as a small family business who grew because of “Word of Mouth”. Started the business for almost 25 years now. My Pool Guy wants to provide not only a good service but a good quality of service for every clients they have. Adam learned a lot from his Dad, his pride in his work all came from him. Attention to details soon grew the business as his clients referred him to their friends. Also back in 2005, Adam expand into online space. The business soon got to big so they decided to recruit some staff.

Expand the business

They also started to expand the line of business. Not only a maintenance shop but we want to offer everything you need for your pool. From LED lights to, solar controllers to filters, name it we have it. We want to be a “one stop shop” for our clients.

Good Quality Service

Providing a good quality service in one of My Pool Guy advocacy in maintenance industry. We wanted our customer feel that we value each and everyone of them. We want them to feel that we treat them as a family and we want them to feel safe with us. That once we finish maintaining their pool they will be a happy and satisfied client.
Being a family operated business guarantees that you are dealing with the business owners. And that the standard of work is always to the highest quality.
We make sure that your pool will be ready when your mates and family come over to enjoy.
All pool shapes and sizes, we take pride in good quality service.
We offer a wide variety of service packages to keep your pool clean, safe and hassle free.