How do we really choose the best pool cleaners? Here are some tips from My Pool Guy!

How to choose the best swimming pool cleaners?


Swimming pool maintenance experts offer a monthly or quarterly pool maintenance services. This includes: cleaning, testing water pH and maintaining cleaning systems.

A swimming pool is one of the most desirable additions to your backyard or garden. Given a chance, you’d hardly find folks who would not want to have one. To keep your swimming pool as crystal clear as ever, you’d need regular cleaning. And the right equipment and supplies. While there’s not much choice when it comes to selecting the supplies, choosing the right pool cleaner can make or break the job.


Value in Swimming Pool Maintenance


Advanced cleaning products usually need more investment than standard cleaning products. Some service providers will help you with affordable cleaning options. But, you might be sacrificing quality! When you clean pools, various chemicals used to take care of the water’s quality. This includes factors like cyanuric acid, pH, calcium hardness, temperature and alkalinity. , products that consider more qualities will cost you a few extra dollars.

Another interesting service offered by some pool maintenance professionals would be water removal. The water level of your pool is critical. Because inadequate levels can cause overheating and in effect burn baracuda engines. Sometimes, pool experts can help you treat stains. And repair broken equipment and maintain decks too.

A Wise Pick!

Before you pick a pool maintenance professional. Make sure you and your service provider are both aware of what service you need from them. Don’t feel silly asking any questions. You may have as this could save a few hundred dollars by not paying for a service you don’t need.

How to choose the best swimming pool cleaners?

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