How to Close your In-ground Swimming Pool

Do we need to close our pools? Sometimes due to weather, it’s better to close our pools. It is better to have the right information on how to close your in-ground swimming pool. It will also make your opening season lighter and without hassle in having an unclean pool.

Closing it the right way makes a big difference later when you decide to open it again. You want to have a pool that is clean and clear not a green yucky one.

Why Do We Need To Close Our Pools?

Clean the pool before covering it

Before closing your pool make sure to clean it first. This will help any waste or debris having around your pool. Always remember to do not skip this step on closing your pool. Pool contaminants are often unseen, so its always be better to be safe than sorry. You can start by brushing your pool. Brushing your pool can make algae build up to loosen up. These also include brushing the stairs and ladders as well.

After brushing, grab the skimmer and clean it out.

Balance the pool water

Now that the pool water is visibly clean, its time to balance the pool chemicals.

To balance your pool water adjust pool chemicals to these level:
  • pH Level is between
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
    200-250ppm ( concrete pools )
    175-225 ppm ( vinyl pool )


It’s also better to add chemicals specific to pool closing. They can keep your pool clean and clear during the time that it’s closed.
  • Metal sequestrant
    to avoid rust, iron, and copper staining
  • Pool enzymes
    for organic stain protection, and to improve algaecide effectiveness
  • Algaecide treatment
    to prevent algae spores.
  • Shock your pool

Clean all pool equipment

These includes:
  • Pool Filter
  • Skimmer basket
  • Pool Pump Basket

After cleaning all pool equipment remove drain plugs and empty water from the pump filter and heater. Blow out and plug plumbing liner using an air compressor.

Lower your pool water level

Lowering the water level prevents overflow and stops water from getting into your pipes. It can cause freeze damage to your pool equipment if not properly check.

We hope that these simple steps have helped you in closing your pool. We hope it can also help you in the near future when you need to close your pool.

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