Why you should maintain your pool this winter?

The reason why we should maintain our pool this winter? Its because we¬†don’t want your pool to be green during the winter months, right? Here are some tips from Mypoolguy so your pools will be ready for the first day of summer!

It only takes a little regular maintenance to help your pool stay clean all winter long. Try these quick tips to save you time, money and protect your pool this winter.

1. Water chemistry right

Your pool water is delicate so make sure the PH level is balance.

2. Skimmer box

Because winter means more leaves that might fall and clog the system. You can clean your skimmer box every fortnight.

3. Backwash the system

A regular backwash, once every two or three weeks will be enough.

4. Check your pool lighting pipes, tubes and seals for any leakages

Winter is a great time to check that all the underwater lights work, pipes, tubes and the switches are in good order.

5. Clean the waterline tiles and Clean the glass

Because pool may be close for this winter we can clean the water tiles and the glass before we close our pools.

6. Trim the plants and Pack away furniture (umbrella, chairs etc.)

Winter is a time of falling leaves, high wind and drenching rain so you can cut falling leaves in your pool. And there is no point on leaving some furniture’s outside the entire winter. Packing them will extend its life.

7. Add a pool cover

Adding a pool cover to keep leaves and debris out of the water.


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