How to Remove Iron and Other Minerals in your Pool

Iron is a type of mineral that is usually present in water. It is not good to have higher iron in your pool water. One reason is that it can affect the color and balance of your pool water. And in this article, we study how to remove iron and other minerals in your pool.

Having a high concentration of minerals in your pool water can cause discoloration. And we don’t want this to happen, that is why we need to properly take care of our swimming pools.

The swimming pool with water from a well can be more likely to develop stains because of heavy metals.

There are different kinds of minerals that might be present in your pool water. And we must identify what kind of minerals that are present so we can properly treat it.

Types of minerals:

  • Iron

– when iron is visible to your pool water it can turn the pool water into a brown color.

  • Silver

– if silver is present in your pool water it can then turn into a black color.

  • Manganese

– if manganese is visible to your pool water it can turn the pool water into purple.

If your swimming pool is not properly maintained things might go wrong and we don’t want that to happen. And by checking your pool water balance on a regular basis can help prevent discoloration because of minerals present in your pool water.

Why do we need to check the pool water?

Sometimes discoloration is not only caused by algae but with minerals as well. Testing the pool water to know what kind of minerals or algae to make sure you are treating it the right way.

How to get rid of metal stains

  • Lower free chlorine and pH level

Lowering your free chlorine and pH is essential in treating your pool water. To make treating easier and faster.

  • Filter

Make sure to run your pool filter when treating your pool filter to remove dirt through the filter itself.

  • Check water chemistry

After treating your pool water you need to check it again to make sure it’s balanced. Making sure everything is back to normal.

How to prevent metal stains

  • Add metal remover in your pool water

You can add metal remover in your pool water to help you remove heavy metals in your swimming pool. Removing heavy metals through the filter making your pool clean and safe to swim.

  • Make sure no iron or metals that are present when adding water to your pool

Remember that when adding water to your pool always check your water chemistry after, to make sure there are no iron or any metals present that can ruin your pool water balance.

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