How to Winterize your Swimming Pool

In as much as we love the summer season, we can’t keep it all year long. So, during winter months we need to close our pools for safety reasons. And in this article, we talk about how to winterize your swimming pool the right way.

Closing your pools can protect it from any debris and intense winter season weather. This can also help in lowering the time and money needed to re-open it again. You can also get rid of extra expenses by closing it and prevent possible freeze damage to your pool.

Why do we need to winterize our pools?

The main objective in winterizing your pool is to prevent it from any damage due to freezing weather. It can also keep the pool clean and clear as possible for the next season.

Proper way on how to winterize your pool;

  • Prepare all necessary supplies

    Make sure to prepare all the things needed in winterizing your pool before closing it.

  • Clean your pool before closing or winterizing it

    For the last time before winterizing your pool make sure to clean it properly.

  • Test your pool water

    Testing your pool water to make sure you have the right chemical balanced in your pool.

    • pH level is between 7.2 – 7.6
    • Alkalinity 120 – 150 ppm
    • Calcium Hardness
      200 – 250 ppm ( Concrete Pools )
      175 – 225 ppm ( Vinyl Pool )
  • Protect the skimmer

    When water freezes the skimmer expands. And it can cause damage to your pool, pool plumbing, and filter system. To prevent this, lower the water below the mouth of your skimmer.

  • Blow out water from your plumbing lines

    Use the discharge of the shop vac to blow the water out of each line from the filter system.

  • Drain the filter and other equipment

    Drain the filter, chemical feeder, cleaner, pump, heater and other equipments that has water in it.

  • Cover the pool

    Remember to cover the pool. This will prevent debris and other things into your swimming pool. It can also keep your pool clean during winter days and when you reopen it.

Closing or winterizing your pool the right way can save you a lot of work when it comes to reopening it again for the summer season.
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