Maintenance Tips For Your Pool Slide

The pool slide is also part of the swimming pool that we need to give constant attention too. Here are some maintenance tips for your pool slide.

With proper care, your pool slide will last a long time. And will remain safe and usable for years to come.

Made from different kinds of materials like fiberglass shell, and rotomolded polyethylene. You also have different shapes and sizes of pool slides to choose from. It’s up to you if you want a small one or a big one type of slide.

Cleaning and maintenance care tips for pool slides:

It actually depends on your usage, in cleaning your pool slide. It is also good to do it on a weekly basis. Having it cleaned on a regular basis means it can have a glossy finish. Keeping it clean will prevent it from having cracks and making it safer to use.

Do’s and Dont’s


Use a soft cloth in cleaning the pool slide.
For intense cleaning, you can use a granulated chlorine power, but be careful not to scrub too much.
clean the ladder as well, use a mild cleanser that doesn’t scratch the surface.


Don’t use an abrasive scrubber like steel wool. It can actually harm the pool slides finish.
Don’t use any heavy cleanser that can harm not only your slide but your pool water as well.

Yearly maintenance

Pool slides also get dirty and it needs at least annual cleaning. Once a year you should check everything to make sure everything is fine in your pool including your pool slide.

  • Check for any scratches
  • Check the water supply for any leaks
  • Ladders
  • Check the tightness on all bolts

The perfect way to keep your pool slide to look absolutely good is to start protecting it from day one. Keeping them always clean to make sure they can be safer to use as well.

Using the right cleaning material in cleaning your pool slide to keep it last longer. If you don’t want any hassle in cleaning you can also call My Pool Guy for your pool guy.

And with these cleaning tips for your pool slide, we hope you can keep it clean and safe all year long.

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