Pool Decoration Ideas for you

Here are some pool decoration ideas for your pools that can enhance the look of your pools. 

LED Lights along the Pool

Having LED lights makes your swimming time more fun especially during night time. So you don’t have to limit your swimming time during the day.

Floating Pool Lights

If you can’t install permanent pool lights, you can create a good ambiance with floating lights. There are a lot of choices to choose from like, lotus flower lights, deco balls with a lot of colors to choose from as well. You’ll find endless possibilities in floating pool lights.

Create a paradise look around the pool

Creating a paradise look makes your pool more fun and relaxing place to chill and relax with your family and friends.

Put a shade sail

If you want to relax and enjoy while watching your children have fun in the pool, of course, you don’t want to stay under the sun without shade at all, right? So why not put a shade sail, its also the best choice especially this coming summer.

Garden Furniture

Now that you have your shade sail why not also put or create a relaxing space for you and your family. Arrange a sofa set with a table that you and your family can use while resting. They can add a special charm to this beautiful place that invites relaxation and rest.

Garden with a lot of greens and flower pots

Adding organic elements to your pool area can give it a natural, tropical look. You can add some potted plants like bonsai in pots and flowering plants like roses and the likes. You can also add bamboo with a beautiful height. There are a lot of plants that you can choose from.

Meditation spot

Pick a corner of your pool area and build yourself a private meditation and relaxation spot.

Pool Bar and an outdoor kitchen

A swim-up bar with underwater stools is a fun addition to almost any size pool. If you want a swim-up bar, for your existing pool they can be built.
Who wants to leave the party just to make dinner? No one right?
So you can also add this extra feature for your pool.

With these pool ideas from My Pool Guy, we hope that we did help you create a relaxing and more fun for your pool.
And for all your pool needs call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!