Aquasun 2 Solar Controller


The Aquasun 2 is a suitable choice for boosted (integrated) systems. The filter pump timer is simply plugged in to the Aquasun 2, which then detects that the filter pump has switched on and allows the solar pump to start if required.

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Solar Controller Description:

The Aquasun 2 Solar Controller is an entry level automatic solar controller. Manual mode and winter mode features. Mode of operation and the temperature limit setting held after a power outage.


This range of product has a limited 2 year warranty. Component failure or faulty workmanship from the date of installation. A faulty unit should be returned in the first instance to the dealer from which the unit was purchased. Damage to the unit due to misuse power surges. Lightning strikes or installation, is not under the manufacturer’s instruction. This may void the warranty. Warranty does not include on-site labor or travel costs to or from installation site

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